Russian Buildings for 28mm Skirmish Games

My buddy Ma’k was harassing me last night about not having posted anything to my blog in a while.  I have been crazy busy with work and trying to live up to my commitments for the Albedo Combat Patrol Kickstarter, so I have done very little hobby work for myself.  In fact, I even sent some figures off to a painter, which I rarely do, because I was worried I wouldn’t get to them in finite time.

A long shot of the Things from the Basement Russian buildings

Several of us in the HAWKs have decided to make 2019 our Barbarossa theme year.  While running other games, we will also run a batch of Barbarossa games in both 28mm and 10mm.  To that end, I have been painting Russian infantry, tanks, and now vehicles. At Fall In last month, I picked up several buildings from Things from the Basement.  Working a little bit each night, I was able to finish them up yesterday.

The Russian farm from Things form the Basement.

The instructions on the Web page were for 15mm buildings, but they applied equally to the 28mm ones.  The kits went together easily.  Mine aren’t as colorful as the ones on the Things from the Basement web page, but I am reasonably happy with the results.

Two more buildings with a 1:48 T-34/76 fo scale.
Additional buildings.

I had some old Hovels (I think) Russian buildings I had purchased for my Battle of Peoter’s Pig skirmish game.  I was happy to see that the scales are close enough that I can put them on the table with the newer buildings.

Things from the Basement building (left) and two older Hovels buildings.

For my buildings I was looking for a weathered, rural, poor look, and I think I achieved that.  I think to have an award-winning table, I am going to have to add some color.  I am thinking bout painting the roof of the church light blue like the one on the Things from the Basement web page.