Winkie Artillery!

Guns to the left of them! Guns to the right of them!

I woke up early this morning and finished the two batteries of Winkie artillery for Wars of Ozz. I am also working on two batteries for the Quadlings, but they won’t be done for a couple more days.

A medium (left) and light (right) artillery battery for the Winkies.

I am using the really nice artillery movement trays produced by Sally 4th. You can remove the individual artillerists as they become casualties, and you can turn the gun to represent the guns being limbered.

Finished a Unit of Munchkin Landwehr

Old Glory seems to be sending me figures faster than I can get them painted. This week, I wanted to knock out my second unit of Munchkin Landwehr. This will complete all my Munchkin infantry. All I have left of the Munchkin contingent is to paint the mounted officers for the regiments that I didn’t have until recently, because they were still being produced.

Munchkin Landwehr

The Landwehr are less provident than the named regiments, such as Hardsoles or Sourdough, but they are more numerous. Being less proficient, they are also lower point cost, so they are good to round out a brigade.

My new Munchkins regiment.

I like the way the Landwehr come with a mix of marching figures and those trusting forward their muskets. I think they make a nice presentation with the front rank in the attack and the back rank marching.

The Landwehr in column formation.
Both of my Landwehr units ready for battle.

Next on the painting table are Quadling and Winkies artillery crews, followed by more Lesser Pumpkin Head, Greater Pumpkin Heads, and Fearsome Scarecrows in time for Halloween. I will be visiting my son this weekend, so don’t look for the artillery until next week some time.

Quadling Lancers and Other Stuff

I posted some pictures earlier this weekend of my Knights of Renown for Wars of Ozz. We were supposed to have a Wars of Orcs and Dwarves play test this weekend, but many of the usual suspects were unable to participate and I didn’t have a quorum. I used the time to paint figures instead, this time a unit of Quadling lancers.

Quadling Lancers ride to the sound of the guns!

According to the canon, quailing lancers have orange coats. Orange is often a hard color for coverage. These took pretty much a whole weekend to complete.

Note the Sally 4th leader stands for Wars of Ozz. They hold the leader attribute chips to make them easier to remember in the heat of battle.

Normally on cavalry figures, the mounts paint pretty quickly. Because the legs were molded to the mounts, and the upper bodies were separate castings, the mounts actually took longer to paint than the bodies. I am happy with the way they turned out. I need to add flags and pennants.

I also had a chance to finish up a couple of other figures.

Three-headed troll.

This is an old figure that I recently found on Ebay for a reasonable price. I will use this is Wars of Orcs and Dwarves in a troll unit.

William Tell

I found this figure on a site with free stl files. I printed this at 0.15mm resolution with my Prusa Mini. I got a fair amount of “stringing.” The figure is acceptable at gaming distance (about three feet), but on close inspection, the details are mushy. I don’t see myself printing a lot of figures, but since no one seems to make a William Tell figure, this is an acceptable substitute for metal.

The Knights of Renown

I spent part of Saturday finishing the Knights of Renown for Wars of Ozz. These are Munchkins if service of Glenda and the Quadlings. The unit was a gift from Zoraster the Wizard after his treaty with Glenda.

To give them a little more visual interest, I decided to paint the lances in red and white stripes. I have seen some jousting lances like this in pictures or movies.

In this image you can see one of the Sally 4th leader bases. These have a space in them for a small piece of MDF with the leader’s attribute printed on it. This makes it easier to remember specific leader attributes during a game.
In this view you can see the sliver swans of Glenda on the Knights’ shields.

Desert Nomads for Wars of Ozz

I recently finished this unit of desert nomads mounted on goats for the Wars of Ozz rulebook. Enjoy.

This picture shows the really cool leader bases that Sally 4th produces. They have holders for markers that indicate the regimental leaders’ skills.

Recent Wars of Ozz Painting

I am busy trying to get the balance of my Ozz figures painted. Some are needed for illustrations in the rule book. Others will give me one (or more) of each type of unit so that when we are allowed to have conventions again I’ll be ready to run games that show off the breadth of the figure line.

Pollywumpus from the Swamps
Dire Wolves
Evora’s Bodyguard

I am really enjoying painting these figures, but I have a large mountain of them between now and the next convention.

Finished a Platoon of German WWII Infantry in Winter Kit

Many moons ago, my friend Greg game me a couple of extra sprues of German WWII infantry in winter dress. It was enough to make two squads. So, I ordered a box from Warlord so that I could make a full platoon. As with all these plastic sets of Germans, there are never enough rifles and too many assault rifles and submachine guns. I wanted the Germans to fit from 1941 to the end of the war.

A view of the reinforced platoon.

I had barely enough rifles to make four normal ten-man squads, and I had to use a couple of semi-automatic rifles that will mostly go unnoticed on the tabletop. I also used a few extra rifles from the later war Panzergreandier set. Each squad has one machine-gun, a squad leader with a submachine gun, and an assistant squad leader with a rifle or submachine gun. The rest of the men are riflemen.

Another view of the platoon. You can see four squads in the front, three extra machine-gun teams and two leaders.

There were enough figures and parts to make three more machine-gun teams. So for late war, I can swap out two riflemen in three of the squads for a gunner and his assistant gunner. As the quality of their infantry deteriorated, the Germans sometimes put extra machine-guns in their squads to compensate.

A close up view of the squad leader and machine gunner in one squad.
Another view of some of the soldiers.

Some of the heads came with cloth covers on the helmets, so I painted them in white.

The two leaders, two extra riflemen with Panzerfausts, and three machine-gun teams.

I have a bunch of Russians in winter kit for my Winter War games, so I am looking forward to putting these on the table when the plague subsides. I also have a couple of squads of American infantry in greatcoats, so there might be a 1944 Western Front game in my future as well.

WWII Germans in Winter Kit (WIP)

I have begun working on a platoon of Germans in winter kit. These are for mid- to late-war. The problem with most of these plastic kits is that they come with WAY too many submachinguns and assault rifles and not nearly enough standard rifles. I had to work hard to fill what I think are reasonable squads. Since they are in greatcoats, they will paint pretty fast.

Back of Box

Depending on which pictures I looked at in different books and on-line, the color of the greatcoats varies greatly. I did two painting tests to decide which color scheme I liked best.

The figure on the left was sprayed with the darkest of the Krylon green camouflage paints and then dry brushed with Howard Hues field gray. The one on the right was sprayed with the lighter green camouflage paint and then washed with Agrax Earthshade. I decided I like the one on the right better.

Howard Hues field gray — my usual go-to color for German tunics.

I was gone last weekend at the beach with a high school buddy and our wives, so I haven’t picked up a brush in a week. I am going into withdrawal symptoms. I sprayed the platoon of figures the lighter camouflage color. I block painted the flesh. Most of each figure will be block painted with an Agrax Earthshade wash at the end. I will post pictures when I complete them.

Johann Wehyn von Rambo, Der Mann ohne Namen

I have been working on some German Panzergrenadiers from Warlord. This is half of the batch I am painting. The other half of the batch will have the camouflage smocks.

Toward the end of assembling this box of figures I had a bunch of weapons left over, so I decided to make a figure that is D&D meets WWII. I picture this soldier riding on horseback at the Russians with the reins in his teeth, firing multiple weapons. I call him Johann Wehyn von Rambo, Der Mann ohne Namen.