Hinterland Female Hussars

Hussar standard bearer
Hussar standard bearer (with a Saxon flag from warflag.com)

Hinterland Miniatures makes a line of interesting female Hussars.  I like the fact that they are obviously female without being R rated.  I like the hair in a bun like in the original GASLIGHT Girl figure.  The sculpting and casting are both very clean.  The figures painted easily.  There is a lot of detail, more than my skills do justice.  The poses are good.  Except for the “army builder” pack, all the poses are different.  I like the officer figures quite a bit.

Female firing line
A firing line of female hussars from Hinterland Miniatures

My painting and these photos don’t really do justice to these really nice figures.

Closeup of some of the figures
This is a closeup of some of the figures

This unit is fictional.  I was therefore free to paint them any colors I wanted.  I got inspiration from the Hinterland Web page as well as an Osprey book on Napoleonic cavalry.  If you go to Hinterland’s Web page, my favorite painting scheme was olive and khaki.  I used this blue scheme, because my 40mm Not Quite Seven Years War Burgdorfreuthenheim infantry uses khaki and olive, and I didn’t want to seem unimaginative.

Maxim crew
Maxim crew

The Maxim crew is quite nice.  I really had trouble getting a good closeup of these figures.  I took a dozen shots, and only one didn’t come out blurry.  I think I would have had better luck outside or in a better lit room.  The Maxim crew is a new set.  I found them by accident when I went to their page to look for some painting ideas.

By the way, the service from Hinterland is excellent!