Combat Patrol(TM) at Fall In 2016

Poland 1939 game using Combat Patrol(TM) at Fall In 2016
Poland 1939 game using Combat Patrol(TM) at Fall In 2016

There were a number of Combat Patrol(TM) games at Fall In 2016.  The breadth of the games showcased the flexibility of the system.  The number of younger players who caught onto the systems quickly demonstrates the ease of the rules.

I scheduled two iterations of a Poland 1939 skirmish involving a Polish armored train.  WWII is, of course, what Combat Patrol(TM) was designed to replicated.

Dave Wood ran a Zulu game using his modifications for colonial warfare.  This free supplement should be available in a month or so after a few more play tests.

All of the players seemed to pick up the rules quickly.  I don’t think there were any players in the game who had used the rules before.  A couple of players didn’t get into the fight right away, which was more a scenario design issue than a rules issue.

I really like the feel of Dave’s changes.  When the Brits can find cover or form up, they are hard for the Zulus to defeat, but if the Zulus catch them strung out or in the open, it can be very bad for the British.  That feels right to me.

Greg ran Combat Patrol with Star Wars figures.  This will also be a free supplement in the near future.  In fact there will likely be an original trilogy (and perhaps Rogue One) supplement and a Clone Wars supplement.

These youngsters caught onto the rules quickly and had a terrific time.

The Rebels were trying to take an important droid across the tables.  The Imperial troops with the AT-ST’s and other heavy weapons tried to stop them.  It was a close run affair, but the rebels eeked out a victory.

If you missed playing Combat Patrol at Fall In, we’ll be running several games using the rules at Cold Wars.  Come and see what all the buzz is about.

There is more information about the rules, including how-to videos, at the rules’ Web site.