Title:  HE-111 at Little Basely by the Sea

Title:  HE-111 at Little Basely by the Sea

Rules:  Combat Patrol™: WWII

Period: WWII

Description:  France has fallen.  The Germans are blitzing London.  Invasion is expected any day.  Rumors of parachutists and fifth columnists are rampant.  An HE-111 has crashed at the outskirts of Little Basely by the Sea.  The Home Guard and townspeople rush to capture the crew.  The crewmen gather up their weapons and prepare to fight their way to safety.  But are the crewmen alone?

Notes:  Rules will be taught.  No booze, please.

After the bomber drops its passengers and crashes in the field near town, the crew unloads and heads for the safety of one of the buildings in the town.

Greg and I ran our first game of Historicon 2018, and it was a success.  The HE-111 crew crashes into a field outside Little Basely by the Sea after dropping Fallschirmjaegers nearby in preparation for the upcoming invasion.  A squad of Home Guardsmen were out on maneuvers with a squad of Regulars.  The Land Girls were out working in the fields.  The ladies of the town grab improvised weapons and have at the Germans.

The Vicar is having tea with the ladies of the church when the kerfuffle begins.

At first the Fallschirmjaegers took some casualties at the hands of the ladies from the town.  First blood was spilled by a woman with a pitchfork testing to see if her “Hun roast” was done.  The Fallschirmjaegers and the bomber crew headed for the line of buildings that constitute Little Basely by the Sea’s High Street.

Three German scouts land on the beaches where they are immediately taken under fire by an alert Regular squad.

At this point the vanguard of the upcoming amphibious invasion hits the beaches.  An alert lady coast watcher in a bunker (blurry at the top of the image) sounds the alarm, and the squad of Regulars turns from the Fallschirmjaegers and heads for the beaches where they incapacitated about half of the squad.

The Land Girls turn from quail hunting to German hunting. (Figures from Bad Squiddo)

The Home Guard performed valiantly.  One team headed for town and engaged in hand-to-hand combat in the Frog and Firkin pub with the Germans.  The Germans got the better end of the engagement.  The only casualty to the bomber crew was from friendly fire from one of the Fallschrimjaegers.  Captain Mainwaring lead his small headquarters forward to stop a group of Fallschirmjaegers from getting to their equipment pod, but he and his men were cut down in a tomato patch.  The final Home Guard unit boarded the small truck and maneuvered around the Germans at the beach.

Home Guardsmen load a lorry to advance on the Germans

It was a splendid afternoon and welcome break from drill, drill, drill for the the people of Little Basely by the Sea.  In the end, the game was determined to be a German victory as the bomber crew (and their sensitive information) remained at large.  Their only casualty came at the hands of friendly fire.

Today’s game starts where this left off.  A German landing barge will hit the beach with two Pz 38(t)’s and the rest of the infantry platoon.  More British regulars will arrive with some support weapons and a re-commissioned Rolls Royce armored car.

Then players all grasped the rules very quickly, relegating Greg and me to calling cards and answering occasional questions.  All the players seemed to grasp the “feel” of the scenario and have fun with it.  We had one player who thought “no booze please” in the event description didn’t apply to him and got wet rings on my ground cloth with his cup, but otherwise all went well, and we are looking forward to the second game this morning (Friday).  (I am no prude, but gamers who are drinking during convention games are not nearly as funny as they think they are, and they tend to disrupt the games.)  It was a good first game of the convention.