Buildings for 10mm Fantasy Games

We needed suitably fantasy-looking buildings for your LSNC: Fantasy, Ancients, and Mediaeval games.  For Christmas, Chris made the building in the picture (above) with the blue roof and gave me a bunch of the plaster hexagonal columns to make more.  I haven’t had a lot of time for hobby this week, but bit-by-bit I assembled and painted a number of these small buildings.

I painted them with different roofs.  I thought each town might have different colors, so I could tell the goblins to seize the green town or the maroon town.

I made the doors and windows in PowerPoint and printed them on card stock.  While it’s hard to see in the pictures, the trim color around the doors and windows matches the color of the roofs.

The bag of hexagonal column bits had flat pieces that were too short for levels or floors.  I decided to make them into porch overhangs.

This was a fun little project that I could manage while watching “Murder, She Wrote” on Netflix in the evenings with my daughter.