Good Hobby Time Over the Long Weekend

Over the long weekend for Martin Luther King’s birthday I had a chance to work on some hobby stuff.  We had to take my daughter for an interview for high school admission and cheer leading, church, errands, etc., I had a couple of hours on Sunday and quite a bit of Monday (after running 12.5 miles around BWI airport) to paint.  Most of Saturday and Sunday I was preparing projects for painting.  Monday I did the painting.

The Third Doctor and a Silurian
The Third Doctor and a Silurian

People who know me, know that my favorite Dr. Who is Jon Pertwee.  My favorite story arc is the Silurians, a race of hyper intelligent lizard type people who had put themselves into suspended animation when the big meteor hit the earth.  The timer woke them up late, around the 1960s in England.  They were slowly waking each other up from deep sleep.  The Dr. gets involved, and excitement commences.  (This arc also has Elizabeth Shaw, my favorite companion.)

This weekend I painted a ten-man Silurian unit for use in Dr. Who GASLIGHT games.

These are Black Tree Dr. Who figures.  I have ordered a unit of Sea Devils, the Silurian’s aquatic cousins.

I also finished working on the quick-start guide for GASLIGHT.  When we combined the four GASLIGHT books (and added additional material) to create The GASLIGHT Compendium, we organized the new book in a Chinese menu format.  We found that our players were mixing and matching activation from one book with shooting from another, for example, so we organized to facilitate this.  We were then criticized that we made it too hard for newcomers to the game to get started.  The quick-start guide was designed to address this criticism.  You can download the quick-start guide for free from (here is the direct link:

In a previous post, I showed some of the FASA Hangar 18 Flash Gordon cities.  My parents got me two more of them for Christmas.  Above is a mountain with a death ray.  Below is an asteroid with a city on it.

I spent some time on Saturday cleaning up some of the clutter in “the war room.”  During that activity I found an old Marx cave/mine entrance.  I had two and already painted one for brown terrain.  This was was earmarked for gray terrain.  While these were intended for 54mm plastic Marx figures, I think they look pretty good with 28mm Silurians coming out.

The Hangar 18 Flash Gordon cities also come with little resin space ships.  I painted those too, but I haven’t photographed them.  I ordered 40 flight stands from Hydra Miniatures.  When they arrive, I’ll photography them and post them here.  Stay tuned.

I filed, primed and mounted on sticks a couple dozen Copplestone 10mm orcs riding wargs.  I painted the wolves, but I didn’t get a chance to paint the riders.

One more picture of Elizabeth Shaw and the Third Doctor for the road.