More Opponents for my Vikings

With my wife and daughter out of town, I painted the four buildings in the previous post, and I also had a chance to work on twenty more Dark Ages infantry. The box contained 40 figures, so I am half way done.

Today’s output.
Dark Ages infantry to oppose my Vikings
Anglo-Something slingers.
Another view.
Final view.

These were all sprayed white and painted with Contrast paints, except the shields ant silver.

Some months ago (last September) I picked up a failed 3D print in the flea market at Barrage. It was missing a handful of track links at different places. I found an stl file of a Land Raider (not GW), printed part of it, cut off some of the track links and then did a little surgery on the tank. While close inspection reveals the places I had to fix, I don’t think it will be obvious on the gaming table. I will dry brush it a lighter color to match the paint color on the extra Dust turret I had in my bits box. I also have an extra Panther turret, so I’ll paint it the same green (which I know is a non-historical paint scheme, but I don’t think you need to be too fussy with an ahistorical tank.

Work on Progress Tank for sci-fi or pulp games.