Early Weekend Accomplishments; More to Come

This weekend is the first in a while without a lot planned. Our regular D&D Zoom game was cancelled this week, so I took my wife to the rifle range and dinner. Last night, the house across the retention pond and loud music and louder people keeping the neighborhood awake until 0500. So, I got up early and did a little painting.

Panzerschrek teams from Steve Barber.

The first were two Panzerschrek teams from Steve Barber. I block painted these and then washed them with Agrax Earthshade. I think the Howard Hues Field Gray works really well for German tunics with the Agrax Earthshade over them. The Germans are pictured in front of a Terrain4Games building.

Equine Headed soldiers from Sally 4th.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that my kids got me some Albedo Combat Patrol vehicles and stowage from Sally 4th. When the ordered them from Sally 4th, Chris Abbey threw in a pack of the new equine-headed soldiers. I painted them up this morning to match my earlier EDF forces (see the fox). These are pictured in front of the armored car, also from Sally 4th.