Major Progress on 1814 Scenario Book

Dave Wood and I have been plugging away at an 1814 scenario book for Fate of Battle for over a year.  Dave has put in a lot of hours over the past month to try to get this completed.  We wanted to release the book in 2014, and we’re just about done.  Earlier in the week I printed all the scenarios and went through them with a red pen.  Saturday Dave and I spent five or six hours in an interactive editing session on my computer.  We think the content of the book is pretty solid now and are just looking for little inconsistencies and Ebonics.

The introduction is about half done.  Dave is working on a brief campaign description.  Then I’ll finish the table of contents and the cover.  Our goal is to hand a hard copy to Dennis of On Military Matters at Cold Wars for his review to see if he wants to print and distribute the book.  If Dennis is not interested, we’ll put it on RPGNow for pdf download, so stay tuned.

The book has 10 battles from the campaign, focusing on the invasion of France by the Armies of Bohemia and Selesia.  The Battle of La Rothiere is actually three scenarios:  the main battle, the French left flank, and the entire battle.  We will be running the whole battle at Cold Wars in March.

There were three other invasion armies, including Wellington over the Pyrenees.  We are thinking of completing the Wellington battles (three of them) and posting them to our Web page or posting them for $2 each on RPGNow.  More to follow.

Watch for the book to hit the streets in the next few weeks.