Winter War 1939 Double Blind with Combat Patrol(TM)

A Finnish AT gun brews up a Russian T-26B.

Zeb Cook and I ran a Winter War 1939 with Combat Patrol(TM): World War II and Zeb’s Winter War supplement.  The Russian objective was to advance up the road, capture some supplies, and hold open the road for later extraction.

The Russians were forced to advance across open ground.  Initially they only suspected the locations of the Finns, but they soon were taking withering fire.  The Russians received some very bad morale results.  While they inflicted some damage on the Finns, a combination of Finn good shooting and Russian poor shooting mad the game a one-sided affair.

Russians take cover in the river bank, but they were caught in a crossfire and decimated.

Despite the one-sided outcome, I think the players still had a good time.