The Slaughter So Swift Released

I am proud to announce the release of FREE a supplement by Duncan Adams for Look, Sarge, No Charts: WWII. The Slaughter So Swift: Look, Sarge, No Charts: 1914 is a supplement for fighting battles in the early months of WWI, when battles were fluid and uniforms were still pretty.

Duncan drew from three sources to create this supplement:

  • Look, Sarge, No Charts: WWII,
  • A Union So Tested: Look, Sarge, No Charts: American Civil War, and
  • His own research on World War I.

He has been running games using these variants for a couple of years at gaming conventions. Based on a demand from many of the people who played in his games, I encouraged Duncan to put his ideas on paper. The result is a free supplement that you will enjoy if you are interested in that historical period.

The Slaughter So Swift is a supplment to Look, Sarge, No Charts: WWII. You will need a copy of those rules to use this supplement.

You can download the supplement here.

You can find more information about the Look, Sarge, No Charts family of rules here.