The Peak District, Day 2

Another walk through an area of the Peak District

As we set out from the Peak District toward Yorkshire, we stopped at an area that had been an old railroad right of way for a short hike.  The viaduct in the left of the picture above and an old railway tunnel were the attractions here.

Sheep grazing on a distant hillside

We began by walking down a path through the woods that took us to a waterfall.  We didn’t know about the waterfall when we started our walk, so this was a nice surprise.

A closer view of the viaduct
The waterfall, which seems to have been augmented with some man-made features
Walking back from the waterfall

After returning to our starting point, we walked in the opposite direction to get down to the viaduct and also walk through the old railway tunnel.

The old Headstone railway tunnel
The other side of the tunnel
Sam and a view of the river from the viaduct
A view from the viaduct

About noon we got on the road for Rippon in Yorkshire to spend the afternoon and evening with Chris and Ann Abbey.

Many of the trucks on the motorways were these extra tall ones. They are a meter taller than trucks we are accustomed to in the US.