The Starship Shmootar

Over the past several months I have occasionally posted pictures of works in progress for the space ship I am building for Combat Patrol(TM) science fiction skirmish games.  After finishing up some additional “furniture,” I assembled what I have completed and took a couple of pictures.

A view of the bridge
Another view of the bridge
A final view of the bridge

I have been building rooms from Depron, which is essentially the foam stuff between cardboard in foam core board.  It cuts easily and glues with Tacky Glue.  The idea is to build a bunch of these boxes and then be able to assemble them in different configurations from game to game.  I haven’t determined what the basic deck of the ship will be made of on which these boxes will be arranged.  Greg has ordered a mat made from mouse pad material that might work.


The link above is to the warp core to my space ship.

A look down the hallway. The seam is between two sheets of Depron. I'll eventually replace this base with something more interesting.
A view of the sick bay
A view of two bunk rooms

I printed the doors on card stock.  I found glue sticks that are the kind of glue on post-it notes, so they can be removed and replaced at will.  The glue leaves no residue behind.  In the picture below, you can see what a door looks like when it is opened.  During a game I’ll be able to pull off the closed doors and replace them with opened doors at will.

The day room and a storage room. The day room needs more furniture.
A view of the shower / locker room
The armory on the left and the transporter room on the right

I made the corner light bars and the doors in PowerPoint.  The corner light bars help hide the seams in the boxes and also provide a sufficiently science fiction look.

The storage room on the left and the dayroom on the right
Another view of the armory
Another view of the corridor

Well, I figure it is about half completed.  I need to build the engine room, cargo hold, a few more rooms, and some weapon turrets.  It is starting to shape up, however.