Border Rievers with Combat Patrol at Historicon 2018

Title:  A Rieving We Will Go

Rules:  Feudal Patrol™

Period: WWII

Description:  Why work for a living when you can just take it from the farmers on the other side of the border?  Using the under-development mediaeval version of Combat Patrol™: WWII players command small bands of rievers as they clash along the English and Scottish borders to rustle cattle and sheep.

Notes:  Rules will be taught.  Younger gamers welcome with a participating adult.

Border Rievers rush to retrieve the relics of St. McGuffin from the church

Friday afternoon Greg and I ran a Border Riever game using the under-development feudal version of Combat Patrol(TM): WWII.

The Vicar prepares to defend the church (from Sally 4th)

This game was incredibly bloody.  We started with 68 figures on the table.  The game was scheduled for four hours.  In two hours only 7 figures were left, and most of them were wounded.  The Scottish had succeeded in obtaining the relics and pushed them out of the church.

Though the game was short, I think all the players had fun, and the rules seem to be working okay.  I am still not 100% happy with the way I am representing armor.  Still, it was a fun game to play and GM.  We had a very good group of players for this game.