Orcs for Wars of Orcs and Dwarves

Dragonbait pig-faced orcs supported by an orc shaman and an orc hero and backed up by Old Glory giant blood orcs.

Life and work have gotten in the way of blogging for several months. I have been busy painting when I can, but just not blogging.

I have been developing Wars of Orcs and Dwarves, the version of Wars of Ozz for generic, massed-battle fantasy games. Development is well under way. As I embarked on that project I realized that I had very few fantasy figures, except those needed for skirmishes or RPGs. I have been painting hobbits like crazy, and that is about done. Now I have begun to focus on orcs and dwarves.

I recently received my figures from the Dragonbait Kickstarter for pig-faced orcs. I decided to paint their skin in AD&D yellow instead of GW green. I like the way they have turned out.