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Eureka Miniatures Hawaiian War Canones

| March 30, 2020

I attached the sails to these canoes today, so here is the final product.

Productivity on COVD-19 Weekend #2

| March 30, 2020

I am actually enjoying being self quarantined on the weekends. It minimizes the honey-do list. As someone who pegs out the “I” meter on Myers-Briggs, I have been practicing for self quarantine my whole life. I was able to complete quite a few figures this weekend. The first thing I did was open a box […]

Hide your women and livestock! The Vikings are coming!

| March 23, 2020

I had ten Oathmark Viking figures partially completed since before my household move and purchase a handful of Bad Squiddo shield maidens at Cold Wars. This weekend, I had a chance to get them painted. As with most Bad Squiddo figures the sculpting and the casting of the shield maidens is excellent. I can’t wait […]

Some COVID-19 Painting Progress

| March 22, 2020

Since most of us are “social distancing” and avoiding personal contact — sort of like Millennials with cell phones sitting in the same room texting each other — I have been painting a little. My daughter is home from school, and we’ve been doing things with her, so I haven’t gotten as much painted as […]

Recently Completed Ozz Figures

| March 10, 2020

The race to get all my Ozz figures painted for Cold Wars 2020 is over. Last night I completed the last four figures. The other HAWKs are still working to get across the finish line, but since they are two hours away from the convention instead of 15, they have another day. Russ sent me […]

Completed Ozz Figures for Cold Wars

| March 8, 2020

Today I finished the figures I will be using for the demonstration / participation games at Cold Wars next weekend. Several members of the HAWKs are also painting figures to be ready. You really need to come and try these rules and see these figures at Cold Wars. Here is a brigade of five regiments […]

More WIP Wars of Ozz Figures

| March 5, 2020

I woke at 0230 this morning, and I started thinking about work and couldn’t get back to sleep. So, I went to the painting lair and continued work on the Wars of Ozz figures I need to have done for Cold Wars demonstration games. Quadling land is made of three provinces: North, Central, and South. […]

Wars of Ozz Figures Work in Progress

| March 2, 2020

I have been painting at a feverish pace to get all the pre-production figures ready for FOUR demonstration games at Cold Wars in two weeks. Below you can see the work in progress pictures of many of the units. I don’t think any of these units have been previewed before, so enjoy this first look. […]