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Combat Patrol(TM): Cowboys

| November 22, 2016

HAWK Zeb Cooke ran a cowboy game at last Friday’s club meeting using Combat Patrol(TM).  Players controlled posses, gangs, units, etc. vying for control of the town and possession of gold, cattle, and a saucy bar wench.  (I may have made up that last bit.) By all accounts the rules worked just fine for the […]

Flint and Feather Indians

| November 22, 2016

I purchased three bags of Pulp Figures Indians at Historicon in a pre-order deal.  These are meant to be for the Flint and Feather rules by Howard Whitehouse.  The game takes place between warring bands of Indians before the arrival of Europeans.  These have been 75% done for three months, awaiting me to prioritize them […]

Completed Some Warlord 28mm Poles

| November 22, 2016

I often have figures on the table that are partially painted.  Then in one good painting day, I’ll finish a bunch, leading to a feat or famine feeling to this blog.  Yesterday afternoon I managed to finish some 28mm WWII Poles from Warlord that have been partially painted for about a month.  I had hoped […]

Making Nice-Looking Game Markers

| November 22, 2016

Conventions are meant to foster the free exchange of ideas.  Greg, one of the guys in our gaming group, saw at Fall In 2016 that the folks in Canada who play a lot of This is Not a Test made nice game markers.  He told me about it, and when I returned from the convention, […]

Combat Patrol(TM) at Fall In 2016

| November 17, 2016

There were a number of Combat Patrol(TM) games at Fall In 2016.  The breadth of the games showcased the flexibility of the system.  The number of younger players who caught onto the systems quickly demonstrates the ease of the rules. I scheduled two iterations of a Poland 1939 skirmish involving a Polish armored train.  WWII […]

Fall In 2016 Report

| November 9, 2016

I intended to arrive in the mid-afternoon on Thursday, but then we scheduled an interview for a potential hire late Thursday afternoon.  I still thought I might make it in time to run a Fate of Battle game for the HAWKs Thursday evening, but events conspired against me.  When I arrived, I was still angry […]