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More 10mm Fantasy Figures Knocked Out

| November 26, 2014

No pictures today, sorry. I haven’t been ready to start a new project recently.  Nothing has jumped out at me lately, and I have a lot of projects that haven’t been put on the table lately.  Games I want to run in the foreseeable future are: My weird WWII game with Germans on pterodactyls, Americans […]

10mm Terrain Bits at Michael’s Craft Store

| November 24, 2014

This weekend, I found one of the “Toobs” at Michael’s that I thought had use in a 10mm ancient or fantasy game.  It is a set of famous world landmarks.    The ones shown on the right of the picture will fit nicely on a built-up area on the table.  The ones on the left […]

Completed a litte over 800 points of Humans

| November 16, 2014

I recently finished about 800 points of human for Bear Yourselves Valiantly.  These are the humans from two Games Workshop Battle of Five Armies starter sets.  Now, I’m working to finish up all the goblin infantry and a few other odds and ends.

Eight Year of Senior Leader Professional Development Events

| November 16, 2014

This past Thursday, a group of the HAWKs took time off work, retirement, and/or daily activities to travel to western Maryland to a professional development event for the 114th Signal Battalion.  This is the eighth such event that we have helped run.  Each year gets more and more sophisticated.  This year Sam Fuson orchestrated an […]

G.A.M.E.R. at Fall In 2014

| November 10, 2014

I ran GAMER again at Fall In.  Interested readers can search on GAMER or G.A.M.E.R. in my blog to see entries that describe the development process for these rules.   In general, I was happy with the way the rules played.  We had one or two players who couldn’t seem to get the hang of […]

Random Pictures of HAWKs Room Games at Fall In 2014

| November 10, 2014

As usual, the HAWKs ran a rich selection of both historical and non-historical games at Fall In.  In this post, I will show a number of pictures of our games without any narrative. Dave turned out to be the HAWKS “iron marshal” at Fall In this year.  He ran FIVE full games at Fall In. […]

Fantastic Urban Terrain for Roaring 20’s Games

| November 9, 2014

While there were many quality terrain setups at Fall In 2014, most were nice, but not unusual.  This setup was exceptional.  It is difficult to get a feel of scale from these photos, but this table was over 20 feet long.  There must have been over fifty vehicles. Most of the buildings were made of […]

Review: Eccentric Miniatures

| November 9, 2014

At Fall In this past weekend, I ran across this new product.  At least it was new to me.  This company, Eccentric Miniatures, it making plastic figures on square sprues.  They make bowmen, men at arms, etc.  The price of these figures is reasonable.  This pack of eight bowmen cost $12. These are the contents […]