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Premature Review of Battle Troll

| November 23, 2013

     I mentioned in my Fall In post that I had played Battle Troll with Howard Whitehouse on Saturday evening.  At a friend’s urging, I wrote a short review.  I call it a premature review, because I haven’t played it enough yet to have a valid opinion. Bottom line:      I liked it.  […]

More Thoughts on my WWII Skirmish Rules

| November 20, 2013

While running on Friday and again today, I have been thinking about revising the record sheets for the WWII skirmish rules I’ve been chatting about on this blog.  The level of complexity is easily scaled, depending on the number of squads a player wants to control and how closely the players want the game to […]

Some Views of Fall In 2013

| November 17, 2013

Having started a new job, I don’t have a lot of vacation saved up yet, so I worked most of Friday and didn’t get to Fall In until dinnertime, so I missed a whole day of gaming.  When I got there, Kurt was running his battle of Chickamauga game, using A Union So Tested.  After […]

Dave’s Great Idea

| November 12, 2013

On federal holidays, Dave usually comes down from Aberdeen and we run around BWI airport (12.5 miles).  It gives us a chance to talk politics and gaming while getting a workout.  For me it’s a long run, but for Dave it’s a short run.  Today, being Veteran’s Day, Dave and I ran the airport. Along […]

Completed Five Regiments of Russian Cuirassiers

| November 12, 2013

On Sunday we had what we refer to as a PJD (pajama day).  We went to church Saturday night and then didn’t leave the house all day Sunday.  I used the opportunity to paint five regiments of Russian Cuirassiers.  Recall from previous posts that Sam Fuson has built a number of label sheets for different […]

Another WWII Play Test

| November 9, 2013

Tonight I ran a WWII skirmish game at the HAWKs night.  Don Hogge brought the figures and set up the terrain for a scenario he has previously run with Battleground.  I was curious to compare the outcome from a Battleground game to the outcome with these rules. The scenario involved two American squads with a […]

Recently painted Pulp Figures

| November 8, 2013

I haven’t had much painting time this week, but I did manage to finish up five Pulp Figures that have been in my project box.  Fall In is just a week a way, and I’m sure new figures will be tempting me.  I’m happy to say that except for the new batch of 10mm Napoleonic […]

German Fallschirmjaegers Kill Patton and Bradley, but Other Allied Generals Escape

| November 3, 2013

I unexpectedly had part of a day free and invited a few guys over for a WWII skirmish game with the rules I’ve been developing.  Several of the folks I invited were unable to attend, but Dave and Chris got passes from their respective CINC’s Domicile and came down.  We probably should have spent the […]