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Eye Candy for Combat Patrol

| October 30, 2015

Thanks to Rob Dean, I have completed the final edit of Combat Patrol: World War Two.   Last night I shot a few pictures to fill white space in the booklet.  These are photos that don’t actually have a role in the booklet except as eye candy.  I plan to finish filling white space over […]

Plasticville Airport

| October 30, 2015

I have been busy getting Combat Patrol (TM) ready for publication, so I haven’t done much painting lately.  I did finish these two buildings for the airport near the town of Granville I use for my pulp games.

Combat Patrol Games Scheduled for Fall In! 2015

| October 23, 2015

I will be running two games at Fall In featuring the about-to-be-released Combat Patrol: World War II rules.  As of yesterday, there were still slots open for these games.  Be the first in your club to try out this new game.

What I did this weekend…

| October 18, 2015

I started last weekend and finished this weekend.  I completed the Plasticville Hobo Village set.  The hobo village will be on the outskirts of Granville in my next pulp game.  This is a nice place for gangsters to hole up waiting their chance to kidnap Professor Serafini Nannini and his daughter Gianna Nannini. I also […]

Some Thoughts on “Pulp” Gaming

| October 15, 2015

I have a number of partially completed items on the painting table, but nothing new to show.  I did have a thought yesterday that I felt I would share with both readers of this blog.  🙂 I got a recent Pulp update from Beasts of War (http://www.beastsofwar.com).  Actually the update was Pulp, Punk, Horror, and […]

Pictures from Barrage 2015

| October 11, 2015

Yesterday, the HAWKs hosted our Barrage gaming day in Northern Maryland.  We had a record turnout, a Flames of War Tournament, a L’Art De La Guerre tournament, and lots of fun.  Below are some pictures from the day’s gaming. One of the highlights of Barrage was seeing an old buddy Ma’k Morin.  He brought his […]

The First Set of “Final” Cards Arrived This Week

| October 9, 2015

The first proofs of the Combat Patrol cards arrived from DriveThru Cards this week.  They look terrific! I just need to do a final proof of the rule book, and then I will ready to go public.

Barrage is Tomorrow

| October 9, 2015

Don’t Be “That” Guy

| October 7, 2015

Five Days Until Barrage

| October 5, 2015