Fantastic Urban Terrain for Roaring 20’s Games

While there were many quality terrain setups at Fall In 2014, most were nice, but not unusual.  This setup was exceptional.  It is difficult to get a feel of scale from these photos, but this table was over 20 feet long.  There must have been over fifty vehicles.

Most of the buildings were made of foam core with printed paper over them.  Many had 3D windows and doors made from plastic to provide relief.  There were nice details like fire escapes, lots of period posters and advertisement, many bystanders engaged in daily activities, etc.

I did not have a chance to play in this game, so I have no idea whether it was fun, but is sure looked like a million dollars.

Review: Eccentric Miniatures

At Fall In this past weekend, I ran across this new product.  At least it was new to me.  This company, Eccentric Miniatures, it making plastic figures on square sprues.  They make bowmen, men at arms, etc.  The price of these figures is reasonable.  This pack of eight bowmen cost $12.

These are the contents of the box of longbowmen.  It is difficult to tell from these pictures, but the detail is good, and the anatomy seems right.  The faces are as good as most plastic figures I’ve seen — meaning not quite as good as lead, but still good enough for my painting ability.

What caught my eye, however, was a rack of sprues of swords, axes, maces, bows, pouches and other accessories that were available for $2 a sprue.  These would be quite handy for adding some variety to other figures.