A few weeks back Rebel Miniatures ( released these duck men.  Since they reminded me of the guards in my Tunnels and Trolls dungeon from many years ago, I couldn’t resist picking them up.  (The mechanical scorpion is a pewter figure I picked up at a booth at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival last year.)

The figures arrived without any flash.  They are slot-a-base figures, but strangely, they came without the bases.  That’s okay, since I do not like the look of slot-a-base anyway.  So, I cut off the slots and mounted them as you see.

In my Dungeon of the Athelfrog which I ran throughout college, I made a typo in the description of a wandering party of guards, spelling it “gurads.”  When one of the players pointed out the typo, on the fly I made up that “gurads” were armed ducks.  The first time a character saw one, he had to make a saving roll or become incapacitated with laughter.

While painting up the “gurads,” I also painted these power generators for 10mm science fiction.