Pictures from Barrage 2015

Barrage at about 1000 hrs. -- lots of games kicking off.

Yesterday, the HAWKs hosted our Barrage gaming day in Northern Maryland.  We had a record turnout, a Flames of War Tournament, a L’Art De La Guerre tournament, and lots of fun.  Below are some pictures from the day’s gaming.

Duncan Adams kicking off his Command Decision game
The initial briefing before the Flames of War tournament
Ed Watts' Beau Geste game
Chris Palmer's "Island of the Lizardmen" Bear Yourselves Valiantly game
Dust Tactics game
Luftwaffe 1946 game

Ed Duffy's modern Afghanistan game
Kurt Schlegel's WWI game
Dan Erdman's Command Decision game
Richard Hefner's Aerodrome game -- a perennial favorite
Brian Cantwell's Chain of Command game
My buddy Ma'k Morin, from West Point, and his wife play Aerodrome

One of the highlights of Barrage was seeing an old buddy Ma’k Morin.  He brought his wife and daughter to Barrage.  It was the first time I had seen him in almost 20 years, even though we have kept in contact via Email and phone calls.  It was great to game with him again, and I think his family enjoyed it too.

I had a chance to introduce a couple of new people to Combat Patrol
Eric setting up the zombie shopping mall game