Completed 50 Dutch Figures

Several years ago I picked up a batch of 20mm Dutch soldiers for gaming Dordrecht in 1940.  I began work on a Dordrecht scenario book for Skirmish Campaigns many years back, but the effort got shelved in favor of other projects.  When I was still pushing Beer and Pretzels Skirmish (BAPS), some gamers in the Netherlands wanted to translate the chart card into Dutch.  In those days moving money internationally was painful and expensive.  I authorized them to do the translation and sell/give it away in exchange for a copy of the chart in Dutch.  I also asked if they had some maps of Dordrecht they can share.  I have great maps of the city now, and wrote the first four scenarios before putting that project on hiatus.

I am getting ready to resume the project.  I had these 50 Dutch filed, based, and primed for six years or so in my “project box.”  Last weekend in preparation for resuming the Dordrecht scenarios — this time for Combat Patrol — I pulled them out of the project box and began painting them.  I finished them yesterday, and now they are ready to fight off Nazi Fallschirmjaegers.