Warwick Castle

We were sort of warned NOT to go to Warwick castle.  It sounded like it had a Renaissance fair vibe to it, with activities for small kids, etc.  Since we have often enjoyed Renaissance fairs, we decided to give it a go.

Aa view of Warwick castle from the grounds

Docents provided interesting historical tours within the castle itself, which has been restored.  The Duke of Warwick during the Wars of the Roses changed sides, making him the “kingmaker.”  The castle tour, another multi-media presentation in one of the castles’ towers, and the narration and storyline for the jousting show all provided a brief history of the the Wars of the Roses.

Some of the armor and weapons on display within the castle
The banquet hall in Warwick castle
Posing in front of a huge mirror
A stained-glass window in Warwick castle
The jousting show at Warwick castle, called the Wars of the Roses Re-enactment

The jousting show was quite good.  It involved knights on horseback, dismounted combat, and even longbowmen.  The show followed a narrative that provided a thumbnail history of the Wars of the Roses.  Both at our Mediaeval feast in London and at Warwick castle seemed much more intense and realistic than similar shows we’ve seen at places like the Renaissance fair and Mediaeval Times.  They were quite good.

A vie of Warwick castle from the bridge to the island area where we saw the jousting and the trebuchet demonstration

The castle is pretty much intact.  We were able to wander the battlements.  Many of the towers included displays and shows.  This was not a plaster and chicken wire imitation!

Entering one of the "rear' entrances to Warwick castle
Sam and Tom goofing on the battlements. Tom bought a foam mace as a souvenir.
A view from the top of the battlements
We witnessed a very interesting trebuchet demonstration. This one had the large wheels that men would run within to crank the trebuchet. I've never seen one like this before.

After several hours at Warwick castle we bid farewell to the town of Warwick and headed for the South of England to be in position to see Bovington Tank Museum the next day.