Play Test of Retreat from Moscow for Historicon

Last night at HAWKs night I had a rare chance to do some gaming.  I used the opportunity to play test my Retreat from Moscow game for Historicon.  The game will use Combat Patrol(TM) with the free Napoleonic / black powder supplement.  I will tweak the scearnio just a bit, but it mostly achieved the effect I had hoped.  The French felt pursued, lost troops along the way, and put up a heroic and stalwart defense of the town.

An overview of the table very early in the game. You can see the rag-tag band of French soldiers in the center of the table being pursued by Russian infantry at the top of the picture. The French objective was to get to the outskirts of the town at the bottom of the pictures and hold out as long as possible.

The retreating French were Perry Retreat from Moscow figures.  The Russians were a variety of manufacturers, mostly Old Glory.

Along the route of march was a small cabin with a single pig guarded by Cossacks. The starving French were required to move toward the pig to capture it for food.
In this shot you can see that two groups of French have left the column in pursuit of food.
The battle for Peoter’s Pig heats up. The French eventually captured the pig and got him to the outskirts of town.
The French got amazing movement distance card draws and made it to the town faster than I expected.
Big surprise for the French! As they were beginning to occupy the town a group of Cossacks with a light cannon showed up in the town. Just when they thought they were safe!!
In the meantime, the sledges and three lonely cavalrymen neared the “safety” of the town.
More Cossacks and Russian line infantry move toward the French in the town.

Toward the end of the game, there was fierce fighting in the town.  Geoff’s mounted Cossacks finally joined the fray with a charge over a fence at Frenchmen defending the outskirts of town.  Don’s lady cossacks and other forces were attacking the other end of the town.   The French didn’t go quietly.  Greg’s Frenchmen charged into the teeth of the cannon; Harry’s cavalry took canister at close range; Don’s cavalry took heavy casualties from Greg’s defenders in the barn.

When the French finally failed player morale, they were down to about 15 figures remaining and were completely surrounded.

For the convention game, I will probably add two more retreating French units.  I may also make them move as Green, even though they are rated Elite for morale purposes.  Otherwise, the flow of forces onto the table kept everyone off balance and kept most of the players very busy throughout the game.