The Winkie Cavalry Brigade

For the past week, I have been working on two more regiments of Winkie cavalry for Wars of Ozz. I had one regiment, originally painted by Tom Davis, but I had two more to complete.

Just the lower halves

One of the things I like about the cavalry in Wars of Ozz is that the lower torsos and legs are attached to the mounts, but the upper torsos are separate pieces. This makes it really easy to paint the lower portions of the figures without weapons, arms, and other things getting in the way. In the picture (above) you can see that I completed the lower portions of the Winkie cavalry.

Another work in progress shot with the upper torsos attached and partially painted. I use E6000 to attached the torsos to the mounts, and that seems to hold up to gameplay.
A newly completed regiment of Winkie lancers (light cavalry)
Winkie heavy cavalry
The original Winkie cavalry regiment in front of the rest of the brigade
This is what a Winkie cavalry brigade looks like!
A closer look
Winkie heavy cavalry

In addition to the Winkie cavalry, I also painted a regiment of skeletons.

The skeletons come with a variety of weapons. I wanted them to have a little more color. I had some leftover shields from some plastic Vikings, so I added them to some of the skeletons. I think this gives them more visual interest. By not giving every skeleton a shield, I think it helps give the regiment a more irregular look as well.