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Captain America at Origins 2012

The Table

The table set up for my Captain America game

I ran a Captain America game using GASLIGHT at Origins 2012.  Chris, Dave, Greg, and I wanted to attend Origins, because none of us had been in many years.  We have a lot of awareness of our rules on the East Coast and the West Coast, but not in the middle of the country.  We wanted to hawk our wares at Origins.

I ran a Dr. Who game, which typically I forgot to photograph.  I ran two LSNC: Napoleonic Wars games.  Finally, Saturday night I ran my Captain America game.

The red skull surveying his domain

The red skull surveying his domain

The scenario involved Captain America at the head of the howling commandos leading a raid to blow up some experimental equipment and collect some secrets.

Germans / Hydra guarding some tanks

Germans / Hydra guarding some tanks

The commandos were trying to destroy an experimental flying saucer, three experimental tanks, and two flying wings.  The commandos cut through the fence line to get into compound.  They cut to ribbons the first Germans squad that tried to stand in their way.  The second German squad, however, took cover in some woods and blazed away at the Americans.  The Americans decided to close into hand-to-hand combat, which was a mistake, since the Americans had much better Shoot numbers.    While the melee was going on, a squad of commandos managed to blow up the flying saucer and both flying wings.  They finally broke through the German squad and dashed for a building which contained one of the secrets (the Americans didn’t know where the secrets were hidden).  At the other end of the table a team of commandos blew up one of the tanks.

Dum Dum Dugan planting charges on one of the flying wings

Dum Dum Dugan planting charges on one of the flying wings

When the game ended, the Americans had 17 points, had captured the Red Skull, and had knocked the Germans were  down to about 50% strength.  The Germans had killed 15 Americans, so the game was a minor American victory.  The Americans had lost many of the characters from the Captain America comic books in the multi-turn melee near the flying wings.

In the end, I think all the players had a good time.


Origins was interesting and fun, but there were very few miniatures games and even fewer historical games.  Lots of cards, role playing, live action role playing, and general board games.  The theory of wandering girls in chain mail bikinis sounds good; in practice almost none of them could pull it off.  I only saw one all weekend who was in the least bit attractive — a cave girl with a spear.  Most weighed more than a horse, and many were using the convention as an excuse to wander about with their boobs largely exposed.  There were several male costumes, like “steampunk” Santa, a Han Solo,  and some Dr. Who lookalikes, that were interesting.  Next year, I think we’ll try to attend Nashcon.  Our plan is to hit the big three HMGS East conventions, Barrage, and one “other” convention each year.

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