Corner Hotel from Multiverse Gaming

I went to the Multiverse Gaming site ( to purchase some of their fire escape kits to add to man of my pulp buildings.  While at the site, I found this corner hotel and ordered it.

The kit is made of thick MDF, probably 3mm instead of the normal 2mm.  It assembled easily, despite the lack of instructions.  The light colored bricks, details on the doors, and window frames are made of thin card, much like a pub coaster.  The engraving on the surface of brick work was deep enough to make dry brushing quite easy.  If I have any quibbles, it is that the very thick MDF leaves a little “flash” where the parts connect to the boards.  This took a little Xacto work to clean off.  Also, the card bits seems a little fragile, and a very sharp knife is needed to get them loose from their board.

Of course all the floors come apart for gaming.  One thing I find interesting is the construction of the doors.  They all have a small base, which can be seen above, that makes it easy to open and close them without the fiddliness and fragility of paper hinges.

From opening the plastic to the form you see took less than four hours work.