Two New Buildings for Granville

All three people who follow this blog will recall that I have been building up a town for pulp games for several years.  A year or so ago I went on a spending spree on Ebay to get a bunch of Plasticville buildings.  There are only two or three remaining that I want but don’t have.  Usually I get my daughter to paint terrain for me, but in this case, I wanted to do these two buildings myself.

The first was a gas station.  I didn’t realize it, but Plasticville made two different gas stations.  The first one I found I painted in green as a Sinclair gas station, complete with a green dinosaur out front.  This one I painted as a Mobile gas station.  Why?  I always liked the red pegasus logo.  You can’t see the sign in this picture, but you can see the red and white motif.

The second was the Plasticville pharmacy and hardware.  As a rule, I have been replacing the “Plasticville” words on the signs with “Granville” or a made-up name of the store.  In this case, you can see that the combined hardware in pharmacy is Graziano’s.  As the real town of Granville is full of folks with Italian heritage, most of the stores have Italian names.  Note that in the case of both the gas station and the hardware, I was lucky enough to find ones with the original paper inserts for the windows.