Optional Rules Supplement Posted for Combat Patrol (TM)

I just posted a free optional rules supplement on the Web page for Combat Patrol(TM):  http://www.bucksurdu.com/Buck_Surdu/Combat_Patrol.html .  Like all the supplements to date, this supplement is <b>free</b>.

So what is in the optional rules supplement?  It includes some rules that I didn’t have time to fully play test before releasing the rule book some months ago.  It also includes some clarifications as well as an alternative set of rules for spotting hidden enemies.  Examples include cavalry (on horses), night fighting, body armor, expansion on rules for firing small arms and machine-guns at light vehicles, etc.

So head over the the Combat Patrol(TM) Web page and get your copy of the supplement today.  While you are there, download some of the other free goodies that I have posted there.  If you have not tried Combat Patrol (TM) yet, you are missing out on a very enjoyable gaming experience.  Also take a look at some of the <b>how to videos</b> that explain how this unique set of rules works.  More free videos are in production.