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Painted Some Dragonspawn Troopers

Back in October, Ma’k Morin posted an item on his blog about making a mold of some old Star Rovers Dragonspawn figures.  He sent me a bunch of these figures to paint.  I finally got around to them this weekend.

Star Rovers Phrinx

Star Rovers Phrinx

Recall that some weeks ago I painted some other figures that Ma’k molded, the Phrinx.  They sort of looked like ducks in Stormtrooper suits, so I painted them to look like Stormtroopers.

I thought that the Deathspawn looked like rebels to me from the attack on Princess Leia’s ship at the beginning of Episode IV, so that’s how I painted them.

Ma’k sent 12 of each of the two poses.  This allowed me to make two units of ten with four figures left over.  I made two of the leftover figures.  I decided to modify two of the extras to create heavy weapons for the Dragonspawn platoon.

This one is meant to be evocative of a Lewis gun.

This one is meant to be some sort of anti-vehicular weapon.  Can you see what I used to make this weapon?

It is the center section of this Dalek.  For some reason I had an extra one.

I also knocked out these three weeping angels for Dr. Who.  Finally I added the snow to my Winter War Russians.  This was done in the same manner as my previous post about putting snow on the bases of my Winter War Finns.

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