Sally 4th Rick’s Cafe, Etc.

Some months back, I invested in the Sally 4th Exotic Locations Kickstarter.  As a nut for Casablanca, the Rick’s Cafe American doorway was enough to entice me.

Exotic Locations uses Sally 4th’s terra blocks system.  When I bought into the Kickstarter, I bought Rick’s Cafe, the Souk, the Museum, and the Egyptian house.  These will make nice sets for Pulp games.

Interior of Rick's Cafe American

Part of what made this Kickstarter so attractive was the useful “set dressing” sets that came with the blocks.

In this picture you can see how the cubes can be assembled in many ways to create the set for an exciting pulp adventure with GASLIGHT or other rules.

Shipping crates

When you ordered the Kickstarter you also received customized shipping crates to place on the set to block movement and line of fire.

Welcome to Rick’s!

The assembly instructions were very straightforward.  After assembly, we painted all of the blocks with an off-white latex house paint mixed with fine sand.  Then we attached the doors, window screens, and other accessories.  I think they turned out quite nicely.

The same set with new set dressing becomes a museum of antiquities.

And dressed another way, it becomes an outdoor market.

In these pictures, I have shown no more than half the set dressings that came with these sets.  There is a LOT of furniture.

Considering all you get with these sets, I think they are a tremendous value!