Star Wars Buildings by Imperial Terrain

Finished Imperial Terrain building with Star Wars collectable miniatures around it.

I recently purchased four 3D-printed buildings from Imperial Terrain.  My daughter was home from school for Christmas, and she likes to paint terrain.  I usually hold any terrain projects until she is home and focus on figure painting.  She jumped right in and began to work on these buildings.

Buildings that have been masked.

We wanted the buildings to have some rough texture to them, and also we wanted to hide some of the printing lines in the buildings.  We did not want to texture the pipes, consoles, and other details.  My daughter spent many hours with masking tape and an Xacto knife masking the portions we did not want to have a rough texture.

Buildings after priming and being sprayed with the Testor’s fleckstone paint.

After all the buildings we masked, we sprayed them with black matte primer and then a coat of Testor’s fleckstone paint.

Imperial Terrain buildings primed in black.

After the masking tape was removed, we re-primed the buildings with a  dark brown spray paint.  Now all the masked portions as well as the fleckstone portions were brown.  She applied four coats of dry brushing to the texture portions of the buildings and then went in an painted the other details.

The building on the table during a recent 16-player Star Wars game using Combat Patrol(TM): WWII.

This one building took her four hours to paint after the final priming coat, so this is the only one she has completed.  I don’t know if I will work on the other three myself or save them for the next time she is home.  I am very happy with the results of all this work.