A Lilly Pad Too Far

A long shot of the table

At Cold Wars 2018 in Lancaster, PA, last weekend, Chris Palmer and I ran a GASLIGHT game involving giant anthropomorphic frogs.  We haven’t had the frogs on the table in a couple of years.

Early in the game as the North Americans begin to deploy from their line of march

The game was pretty fun.  The scenario is from The GASLIGHT Compendium.  The North American frogs are part of the advance guard for a frog column.  The South American frogs are trying to cut off their line of march.

South American frogs advance to engage the North Americans

The North American frogs quickly deployed from their march formation to engage the South Americans.

South American light cavalry advancing

The South American frogs advanced on both flanks, enjoying success in both attacks.

Chaos in the center as various bands slug it out

The North American right flank held on and began to advance, but the dragon flies moved to a blocking position and determined to hold their portion of the road.

A view along the North American line of march. The North Americans needed to hold open this road
North American light cavalry defeat some of the South American dragon flies
South American frog heavy cavalry and dragonflies fight the North American light cavalry mounted on geckos

The South Americans were crushing the North American left flank, preparing to cut the road.  They also had the dragon flies across the road.  At that point, we called the game a South American victory.