Some Recent Miniatures

Tales of the Golden Monkey from the Sally 4th Classic Movie Miniatures line

Work has been very hectic lately.  I haven’t been home a full week since February.  On top of that we decided to renovate our basement by adding bead board, painting, etc.  As a result, my hobby time has been limited.  This Sunday was the first time I had to spend in a while, and I completed some figures that had been partially painted and sitting on my painting table for a while.

The first batch were from the Sally 4th Classic Movie Miniatures kickstarter.  Most were from Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon, but the ones (above) were from the television show, Tales of the Golden Monkey.   It was a pretty good show that didn’t last long that tried to capture the Indiana Jones flavor.  I think they succeeded, and I recently found this series on DVD and am enjoying it again.

Some of the Sally 4th Classic Movie Miniatures

These next few photos are a mix of the various other sets.  The figures come with clear bases and these nicely etched wooden ones.

Figures inspired by Casablanca in the Sally 4th Classic Movie Miniatures line

All of these figures will go well with Sally 4th’s classic movie terra blocks terrain.  I will, of course, use them with GASLIGHT (specifically To Be Continues… by GASLIGHT), but they will work with whatever rules you use for your pulp games.

Police for Casablanca from the Sally 4th Classic Movie Miniatures line

In addition to these Sally 4th figures, I had a few figures from other manufacturers on the desk.

The celebration set from Hinterland

If you search for Hinterland on this blog you will see pictures of many of the female hussars that this company produces.  They also produce some sailors, trench raiders, and colonial infantry.  This set is one figure from each of those lines who are celebrating something.

Female medics from Bad Squiddo Games

I recently painted the Women’s Land Army and women with various weapons to defend England against the Germans in hypothetical Sea Lion games.  At the same time I ordered this vignette of medics treating a casualty.  These are from Bad Squiddo’s Heroines in Sensible Shoes line.

Professor Challenger from Antediluvian miniatures

While none of the Lost World movie adaptations have been particularly good, the book remains a classic.  I think these figures have captured the feel of the characters really well.

Two residents of “The Village” from Crooked Dice

If you haven’t seen the classic British television show, The Prisoner, you are missing out of fun — and brain warping — experience.