Pulp space ship

These have been sitting on my project table for a while, and I finally got around to finishing them this morning.

Space ship made from a Denny’s kid’s meal cup

The first one if made from a Denny’s kid’s meal cup.  I sprayed it gold about three years ago.  Today I painted the red fin, attached the rocket gun in the nose, and printed the door and other bits.  Like this, it looks very similar to the ships in the comics and the 1930’s serials.

Space ship made from a Bic pen promotional item.

This second ship was also spay painted gold three years ago.  This began life as a promotional sales item for Bic pens.  Those are the pens that look like this.

Now that I’ve shown you this picture, the resemblance to the space ship is pretty clear.  With a few doo dads and some stuff from the printer, this is a reasonably effective looking pulp-era space ship.

Another view of the Bic pen space ship

I have a lot of pulp-era space ships.  One of these days I’ll figure out how to get them into a game.