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Some Recent Vehicles for Combat Patrol(TM) Games

Stug. III Bs from Tamiya

Despite working a string of 50-60 hour weeks and missing most of my club’s gaming events, I have managed to complete a handful of 1:48 vehicles.  I can do these a little at a time, so they fit into my work schedule where painting the 80 Russian infantry sitting on the painting table have had to take a back seat.

2x 1:48 scale BA-64B’s from Tamiya

2x 1:48 scale British Bedford trucks from Tamiya

British 7-ton Armored Car Mk. IV in 1:48 scale from Tamiya

Japanese staff car with the top down from Tamiya

The same staff car with the top up. I think this car looks “cute.”

Two 1:48 scale BA-6 armored cars from Butler’s Printed Models

British light utility car from Tamiya

T-28 tank from Butler’s Printed Models

2x M-8 Greyhound armored cars from Tamiya

Russian 1.5 ton Zis truck, 1941, by Tamiya.

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