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No pictures today.  A little at a time I’ve been working on the elephant gun team I got for Christmas.  As I was priming the pieces, I remembered that I had an old Hinchcliffe elephant gun from years ago in a box somewhere.  I dug it out and am working on both at the same time.

The RAFM elephant team is like one seen in the movie Gunga Din.  There are two elephants.  One carries the gun carriage, and the other carries the Gatling gun barrels.  As I assemble the team, I want to make sure I can take the carriage and gun off the elephants and put it into action on the gaming table.

The Hinchcliffe elephant team is different.  The two elephants are linked together (front to back) by a chain which then runs to a limber behind them.  According to the box there were riders on the elephant’s neck and two riders sitting on the limber, but those are missing.  Also missing is the barrel of the cannon being pulled behind the limber.  That’s not a big deal, as I’m sure I can come up with something suitably pulp or VSF looking.

While working on this, I’m also picking away at 24 battalions of 10mm Prussians.  I’m thinking I made a mistake trying to do that many battalions at once.  I primed them and dry brushed the blue coats.  Now I need to go through the daunting pile and paint the gray trousers.  Grrrr.