The Battle of Hoth

Greg and I ran two instances of the Battle of Hoth with Combat Patrol(tm) at Historicon 2019. The first was Friday night, and the second was Saturday morning.  Both instances went well.  On Friday night the Imperials got half way to the cave / hangar.  On Saturday they blew up the shield generator.  At that point, the heroes tried to escape in the Millennium Falcon.  When it emerged from the cave entrance an Imperial AT-AT took a reaction shot and blew up the Falcon!

A long shot of the table mid way through Friday night.
An Imperial AT-AT walks over Rebel trenches.

The Rebels received 9.7 points for every turn the Millennium Falcon was on the table.  As soon as the shield generator was blown up, the heroes had to board the Falcon and fly away, ending the game.  The Imperials received 1 point for each Rebel they killed and 5 points for heavy weapons.  At the end of the first day, the score was 58.2 to 57 in favor of the Rebels.  In the second to last turn of the second day, the score was tied up, but with a lot of last turn casualties and the death of the Falcon, it was a convincing Imperial victory.

Another view of the table.
Snow speeders attack!