Productivity on COVD-19 Weekend #2

I am actually enjoying being self quarantined on the weekends. It minimizes the honey-do list. As someone who pegs out the “I” meter on Myers-Briggs, I have been practicing for self quarantine my whole life. I was able to complete quite a few figures this weekend.

Eureka Miniatures Hawaiian war canoe.

The first thing I did was open a box and find four of these Eureka Miniatures Hawaiian war canoes. I bought them months ago when Eureka first released their new Hawaiians. I didn’t want to assemble them before the move. There is not much to them. Picture I found on line show these canoes and un-ornamented, so there wasn’t a lot of detail to paint. I had to reach out to Nic Robson in Australia to figure out how to mount the sails on the masts. I hope to complete that this evening.

Pulp Figures second edition movie camera crew.

The second thing I knocked out was two packs of Pulp Figures I purchased months ago. They are redesigns and re-issues of figure sets I already had. They may have been the free packs I got when ordering enough figures online.

Angry citizens of Granville.
Headless Oathmark dwarves awaiting Star Hat duck heads.
A 4L Really Useful box filled with fantasy ducks. This doesn’t even include my science fiction ducks. Yes, I am a nut for anthropomorphic ducks.

Three conventions ago Chris and I split a box of Oathmark dwarves. My intent was to build them without heads. In the most recent duck Kickstarter from Star Hat miniatures, I convinced Darcy Perry to offer sprues of duck heads. As part of my Kickstarter I ordered several sprues. I finished the figures while painting some other Viking figures. The delivery of the heads is delayed based due to COVID-19.

Some Vikings in front of a building the Greg 3D printed.

Greg 3D printed three Saxon huts for me before I moved from Maryland, but I just got around to painting them this weekend. I think they turned out pretty nicely. This picture shows some Vikings that some of the HAWKs painted for me before I moved in front of one of the three buildings.

A Viking figure I found in a stack of unpainted lead and a Bad Squiddo mounted shield maiden. After taking this picture I added a shield to the shield maiden.
Colonel Hardoles

Before Cold Wars, I was painting Ozz figures like crazy, but I didn’t have time to paint these three personality figures. These are named brigade commanders for the Wars of Ozz rules.

Colonel Tik-Tok
Colonel Sourdough

As a club, the HAWKs is looking at running a large, spectacular What a Tanker game using Leonardo DaVinci tanks. Duncan has made some skeletons of trapezoidal tanks for us to complete, but I also ordered three 3D printed ones online in 1:48 scale. I assembled and painted them this weekend. The printing was somewhat crude, so they look good at “gaming distance” but don’t stand up well to close inspection.

Work in Progress
Another work in progress shot.
Almost done.

I’d say that is was a pretty productive weekend, and I even knocked out a couple of honey-dos.