Enemies for the Drantakh

A few weeks ago Badger Games sent me some figures that I don’t think have been released yet. They referred to them as “heavies.” I think these are meant to be opponents for the Drantakh troops. They sent to packs of snipers. I really like the figures. This weekend I knocked out the eight figures they sent me, and I am pretty happy with the results.

Sniper teams

In the process of painting them, I mixed up the two four-figure packs, so sorry these may not correspond to how they will be released. They look a little like the Gorn in Star Trek.

A closer view of two snipers.

Until there is are more figures in this range, I intend to use them as Drantakh auxiliaries in my science fiction Combat Patrol(TM) games.

The figures have great relief that lends itself to contrast paints or dry brushing. I used both techniques on these figures.

I like the spotter with the scope.
One last shot of the snipers.
For scale, here is a Gorn-like sniper with two Drantakh infantry.

I am sure these have a better name than “Gorn-like” infantry, but I don’t know what it is. Check out Badger’s Web site in general and these figures in particular. Service from Badger has always been first rate.