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Funny News

| January 25, 2011

A friend sent me this link:   Swordfish Article As many of you know, the name of my tavern for pirate brawls is The Ruptured Swordfish.  More than once, a pirate has pulled the stuffed swordfish off the wall and used it as a weapon.

Blood and Swash Cards

| January 25, 2011

I saw a link on The Miniatures Page not long ago about a print on demand shop, superiordpod.com.  I got the idea that for my pirate tavern fight convention games, it might be nice to have cards with pre-rolled stats.  In those games, using Blood and Swash, I usually have each player control one of […]

Barrage 2011 a Success

| January 25, 2011

On 22 JAN, the HAWKs hosted their annual gaming day at Archbishop Curley High School in Baltimore, MD.  The turnout was very good.  We had 24 events run during the day, and every game master had enough players to run his or her game.  Genres varied from fantasy to WWII, with just about everything in […]