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More Frogs for the Amphibaganza

| January 15, 2012

Chris gave me these frogs with slingshots for Christmas.  I painted them up this weekend.  These will mix very well with all the Eureka frogs. Chris also has a unit to paint up.  We think we now have enough frogs, lizards, alligators, etc. to run at 12+ person GASLIGHT game.  We’re thinking about an “amphibaganza” […]

Repainted my Venusian Women

| January 15, 2012

I posted pictures of these when I first finished them a few months back.  I used a light orange dry brush to highlight the “high points.”  Everyone thought the light orange was too close to flesh color and made them look naked.  Last week, I repainted their leotard outfits in a darker orange. Above and […]

Recreational Conflict Undersea Divers or Space Men

| January 15, 2012

Recreational Conflict makes the deep sea diver or space man (depending on how you want to use it).  The larger one is supposed to be sized for 28mm figures, and the smaller ones are sized for 15mm.  I bought the large ones some time ago and painted them up for my undersea GASLIGHT game.  I […]

British Troops for Service on Mars

| January 15, 2012

At an HMGS convention some time back Wargames Factory was distributing some of their Zulu War British as samples.  The guys in my club gave me their figures.  I’ve had them assembled, primed, and based for some time.  As I don’t game the Zulu War, I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  In preparation […]