More Thoughts on my WWII Skirmish Rules

While running on Friday and again today, I have been thinking about revising the record sheets for the WWII skirmish rules I’ve been chatting about on this blog.  The level of complexity is easily scaled, depending on the number of squads a player wants to control and how closely the players want the game to resemble a role-playing game.  Additionally, the resolution need not be consistent throughout the game.  The “heroes” might be at the highest resolution and complexity, with a player controlling just half a squad, while many of the other soldiers might be represented at the lowest level of complexity.  This is not the same as Main Characters and Extras in GASLIGHT.  It is merely the level of personalization and complexity desired by the players.  In that vein, I have developed the following three record sheets, which will fit on 3″x5″ cards.

Unit record for the lowest and middle complexity units

The highest complexity unit takes both sides of a 3″x5″ card, as shown below.

Unit record for the highest complexity unit

I’ve also been thinking about how best to represent leaders in the game.  I want to test this in a game before modifying the action cards, but I think I will add a modifier to the shooting portion of the card.  This modifier will indicate a right shift if the leader is not present.  For purposes of this rule, the leader is not present if he is firing his weapon, stunned, severely wounded (not sure what that means yet), or otherwise unable to influence his squad or team.