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HAWKs Games for Kids at Historicon 2016

| July 18, 2016

Most games put on by the HAWKs are kid friendly, but we often dedicate a table in the HAWKS room to games specifically targeted at younger gamers.  This year we put on three of them. The Dragon is Dead Dave ran a game using Blood and Swash from the Big Battles for Little Hands book. […]

HAWKs Games at Historicon 2016

| July 18, 2016

In addition to the Combat Patrol(TM) games already noted in a previous post, the HAWKS ran many great games at Historicon 2016. Dave Wood’s 28mm Game using Fate of Battle: Look, Sarge, No Charts:  Napoleonic Wars: In this scenario the British, Spanish, and Portuguese were trying to capture two key bridges from the French.  I […]

Combat Patrol(TM) at Historicon 2016

| July 18, 2016

I ran three Combat Patrol(TM) games at Historicon 2016.  All turned out very well.  In two of the games there seemed to be someone who was struggling with the card-based mechanics, but after a couple of turns everyone was pretty much self sufficient and running the rules themselves.  I was relegated to the role of […]

Sunday at Historicon 2016

| July 18, 2016

Sunday morning tends to be pretty light at Historicon, Cold Wars, and Fall In.  A few years ago there was a push to add Sunday morning games.  The HAWKs responded.  We typically put on at least two Sunday morning games — which constitutes about half the scheduled games.  This year Eric ran his car race […]