Barrage 2016 Events List Beginning to Fill Up

The Web page for Barrage 2016 has been live since Historicon (  Through that portal, attendees and GMs can create accounts, register for the convention, sign up to run games, and sign up to play in games.  GMs have been registering games.  I have laid them out in a tentative schedule for both Friday and Saturday, as shown below.



There is a lot of room for additional GMs!  In the past we have filled Friday, and I have had to turn away game masters.  If you are interested in running a game, visit the portal soon and register.

The Webmaster also recently linked old pictures from previous Barrage conventions to the Barrage portal.  You can see them under the “past conventions” menu item.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Barrage, a terrific regions gaming event.