War-games Illustrated Combat Patrol (TM) Play-through Video Posted

War-games Illustrated Magazine posted a video of Combat Patrol(TM) on their Website today.  See link here:  http://wargamesillustrated.net/combat-patrol-playthrough/  Thanks to Chris Abbey at Sally 4th for taking the time to travel to War-games Illustrated to show them the game.

See the Combat Patrol(TM) Web page for more information on the game, information on how to get the game, free downloads, and how-to videos.

Dreamland Drive-In

For my birthday my kids bought me this kit from Powered Play Gaming.  It took me a little while to assemble the kit, paint it, and decorate it.  It was designed as a billboard.  I decided to convert it into a drive-in theater screen for my town of Granville I use for my Pulp games.

You can see a little more in this video:  IMG_2942

I used the technique shown on this Web page to create the rust effect.

The HAWKs Want Your Children

The HAWKs are well-known for running many children’s games at various HMGS conventions.  We also run the Armies for Kids Giveaway games that have been blogged about on our club blog and on TMP.  In the Armies for Kids Giveaway, we present the kids who participate in the game with two armies, rules, dice, and terrain bits so that they can go home and show their buddies wargaming.

The Harford Area Weekly Kreigspeilers (HAWKs) are running Barrage on 30 September and 1 October.  We want you to bring your children and your children’s buddies to Barrage.  On the Barrage Web page you will see a number of games that are listed as “kid friendly” (those in purple).  More are being added daily.  We want to see a lot of kids at Barrage along with host of adults.

For 2o years Barrage has been an outstanding gaming day.  This year Barrage will be two days, Friday, 30 September, and Saturday, 1 October.  The HAWKs want to see your children at Barrage.

Come to Barrage.  Bring children.  Have a great time!

The HAWKs want your children at Barrage!