ZombieSmith Alien Types

My parents got me a bunch of the ZombieSmith aliens for Christmas, and I just got around to painting them.  Here they are:

This is the crew of a space ship, hence the uniforms.  The figures on the end got a little dunked up by the dull coat, but when I sprayed them again, they came out just fine.

I don’t even know what half this stuff is supposed to be, but they were fun to paint.

The guy second from the left is from Planet Rastafaria.  You can see what he looks like from behind in the picture below.

One of these looks like a professor I had once.

The figure on the right is not Zombie Smith, but it was in the bin with the ZombieSmith figures, so I painted it.

The figure on the left wasn’t ZombieSmith either, but I don’t know where it came from or what it is.  The one on the right is just weird.